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The Happiest Mother's Day

The Happiest Mother's Day

Building the largest and happiest Mother’s Day Card the world has ever seen as part of Oxfam's Mother Day appeal. 


Provide a celebration for mums around the world that drove awareness, participation and ultimately donation for Oxfam's Mother Appeal.


I  brought together technology and art to create the World's Largest and Happiest Mother's Day. 

The Happiest Mother’s Day Card was a giant canvas that was divided up into lots of little squares, which members of the public could dedicate to their mum via the accompanying website. An artist based at our event at Westfield Shopping Centre then painted that square on a giant canvas and brought it to life IRL. 

In this way, the more people that took part and celebrated their mum, the more the card would grow and blossom.

The event was supported by a social and digital campaign that drove awareness and participation. During the five days it was live, users could watch a live video stream of the artist working on the card and see the card grow.