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What we're made of

What we're made of

I refreshed Cricket Australia’s brand to become more innovative, inclusive and diverse. 


I was the Creative Lead that worked on everything from the pitch win to final campaign delivery, rolling out the new creative direction, brand platform and design direction.


Develop a new brand platform, brand identity and campaign for Cricket Australia to demonstrate how cricket is relevant to and reflective of Australians today, shattering it’s pale, male and stale legacy.


Cricket is about more than history. The game reflects all Australians, now and in the future. It shows us who we are, as individuals and as a nation. Starting with Ash Gardener's  match-winning catch at the Women’s T20 World Cup Final in 2020 , cricket had found its moment to truly inspire us all – and move on from its perceptions as pale, male and stale.

Cricket is a place that reveals our character, resilience, determination and joy – both individually and as a nation
This understanding lit the spark for our creative platform: cricket is more than a game, it’s what we’re made of.


As creative lead I was responsible for 2 nationally broadcast TVCs, 3 national OOH campaigns, social media assets, display advertising, a landing page, internal assets, ticketing assets, 2 brand guidelines, sonic branding and one iconic music track.

I ensured that each and every touchpoint laddered back to our platform and contained a rich narrative that created a sense of belonging; individually, within a team and a nation, rising above the status quo of highlight reels and testosterone fueled montages. 

At the end of the campaign we delivered 800+ executions that amplified cricket’s evolution.


#1 Sport Men’s Cricket reached 1.6M viewers, the most of any sport in Australia in 2020

+14% Top brand attribute movement across the campaign ‘Cricket makes me feel a part of something bigger’

+400% TV audience for growth Women’s Cricket

25% of Australians consider themselves ‘avid’ cricket fans (record high)